Luckytex(Thailand) was established in March 1960 in Thailand and registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in March 1989. Luckytex(Thailand) is one of the Toray groups from Japan.

Luckytex(Thailand) production is operated through 3 plants in Thailand which are linked by flow of production especially in the production of spun and taffeta. Mill 1 Operates spinning and weaving to produce spun fabric and further transfer to Mill 2 for bleaching, dyeing and finishing. Mill 3 produces Taffeta fabric and further transfer to Mill 2 for dyeing and finishing. Apart from taffeta fabrics, products of Mill 3 also include denim and industrial material production which all production precess are made at Mill 3.

Luckytex mill 3 has integrated production process for denim from spinning through yarn dyeing to weaving and finishing.

Mill 3 machines consist of 6,224 spindles of ring spinning machines and 504 drums of Open-End spinning. For the weaving section, Mill 3 has 64 sets of denim weaving looms.

Luckytex mill 3 can produce yarn for denim about 1.2 million lbs per month. Their fabric production capacity is 0.9 million yards per month. Their export market is Japan and Europe, which is approximately 70% of their capacity and 30% for local markets.

5th Floor, Bubhajit Building
20 North Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500


305 Sukhumvit Road
K.M.39, Tumbol Bangpoo Mai
Amper Mueang
Samutprakarn 10280

+ 66-2-323-9330

Mr. Warun Laoitthi
Managing Director
Phone: +66-2-266-6600 ext. 119 Fax: +66-2-238-3957-8
[email protected]

Mr. Kazuhiro Suzuki
Director-Sale Division
Phone: +66-2-266-6600 ext. 164 Fax: +66-2-238-3957-8

Mr. Kumchai Paisarnpayak
Section Manager, Denim Fabric Sale Section
Phone: +66-2-266-6600 ext. 151 Fax: +66-2-238-3957-8
[email protected]

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