Solid Development Corporation

Solid Development Corporation started its spinning mill business in 1984 with 30,000 Platt Saco Lowell Ringspindles bought from U.K.

In the early 90s, in its effort to upgrade and implement a modernization program, the company phased out the old machineries and replaced them with Zinser 321 with 1,000 spindles and auto doffing system. At present, the company utilizes the following brand of machineries: Zinser, Vouk,
Cherry Hara, Truetzschler, Howa, Toyota, Marzoli, Rieter comber and Murata Link Coner.

In 2000, Solid Development Corporation became a COTTON USA Licensee and is currently the only spinning mill in the Philippines licensed with Cotton Incorporated's EFS. The company consumes about 5,400 metric tons of U.S. cotton per annum.

The company's production capacity is 800 tons per month - 30% of the production is 100% cotton yarns and 70% of the production is for cotton-blended yarns. The synthetic fibers are imported from China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Solid Development Corporation utilizes Cotton Incorporated’s EFS? software to manage raw cotton storage and lay down selection to produce consistent high quality yarns. All cotton bales are tested using the Uster 900 HVI. They have industry standard yarn testing equipment and UV rooms to test yarn color fastness. Solid Development Corporation’s use of U.S. cotton and
Cotton Incorporated’s EFS? software enables them to provide clients with an assurance of zero defects on all its products.

Multinational companies like Kimberly-Clark Philippines, Inc., Signal Knitting Mills and Dowi Hosiery Corporations are some of the company’s loyal and long-standing clients who benefit from Solid Development Corporation’s high-quality products.

1927 Jorge Bocobo Street

+(632) 521-9746 / 521-9735
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Manufacturing Plant
Mataas na Parang
San Ildefonso

Steve Castillo
Marketing Manager
Phone: 632-5219746 / 5219735 Fax: 5219735
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